Re: Ride inspector talks Ohio State Fair accident

By Ariel Lablonski

After reading all the News articles about this tragedy and watching all the video I wanted to see if I could find an unbiased opinion on what really happened at the Ohio State Fair.

I don’t believe I ever will. But, that being said, I did manage to find someone with a long history in the Carnival business to give his honest opinion on what happened.

His name is Kevin Morra,  he has a now long defunct blog called Diary of a Carny on He spent the better part of three decades on the road as a Carny and pretty much “saw it all!”

When I reached out to him he was reluctant to speak to me concerning the Ohio State Fair tragedy for the simple reason that he doesn’t like or trust any media, news outlet, or reporter. I explained I was a simple blogger who curated news and none of the above. He said I could print his opinion here.

In his own words: A number of years ago there was a ride accident and I was contacted by a national news network. I talked to the reporter briefly and realized she didn’t want my opinion. She wanted to sensationalize my opinion but in favor of her story. She was trying to lead me and put words in my mouth. I hung up but did give my opinion on my blog at the time. No one was interested of course. They wanted a biased opinion leaning towards the danger of Carnival Rides.

I’ve watched this video of the inspector and what I think is this….he’s there because he’s going to say exactly what FOX and the reporter want him to say, and he says it. He even intimates that he thinks he shut that particular ride down once, but isn’t sure. Ok, sure you did. There are so many “Fireballs” out there but yeah, that’s the one!

In all my years on the road I saw one ride break. It was the “Scrambler” and it was during a test run before opening. That’s it. If the rides at the Carnival were so dangerous you would think I would have seen a lot more break in 26 years of being around them day in and day out, but I didn’t.

I’m not an inspector. I don’t honestly think this guy gets too close to the rides. He seems to be more of an administrator, and we all know how useful and knowledgeable most of them are!

I don’t know what really happened. It was likely a freak accident. Someone knows what happened and if it was indeed a freak accident most people won’t be interested in that. They will however be interested in hearing that “All Carnival Rides are dangerous!” They aren’t. They’re well built and inspected.

I also saw the “North American Midway Entertainment” had shut down their big rides for a time. What a dumb move. A ride broke in Ohio so that means all rides are a danger? Carnival rides are less dangerous than flying or driving a car!

I think it was a freak accident. My thoughts are with the people hurt and the young man killed and his family.

In regards to the “Ohio State Fair!” This is one of those times that the saying “The Show Must Go On!” doesn’t apply.

Kevin Morra

I thanked him and told him I would print it as he said it. He said people likely wouldn’t be interested but print it.

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