Deputy Premier Sarah Hoffman wastes no time slamming United Conservatives

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Sarah Hoffman, Alberta’s deputy premier, takes no prisoners Wednesday. None.

Conservatives uniting in one party this past weekend and then thinking they’ll kick NDP butt has Hoffman more than willing to jump into the fray — with gusto. (Seeing her jump would be entertaining!)


Hoffman wants it to be known to one and all. The Notley NDP are playing for keeps. (At keeping what I don’t know! They never had anything. Their win was a simple “knee jerk reaction to silly things said in the media by the former Premier!)

Brian Jean and Jason Kenney, both ready to rumble for the United Conservative leader’s job, get an early mention.

They both seem to be doing a song and dance, thinking it’s all good and they’ll magically be able to walk easily over the finish line.” (Actually, they will!)

“I’m here to say: We’re not going to stand aside. We’re going to stand and we’re going to fight. Albertans deserve nothing less.” (You don’t have to stand aside, you’ll be pushed aside!)

And Hoffman believes the United Conservatives do have a hidden agenda.

The early talk about budget matters has been soft. There will be little pain. Just some adjustments. It might pinch but it surely won’t hurt.

Earlier this week, Jean avoided tough talk while still promising to soon get the province back in the black.

Hoffman thinks his platform is “delusional” with “no connection to reality.” (Hey…..she just described the NDP mentality in it’s entirety!)

The deputy premier says the real plan is pain, no matter which conservative is in charge. (Real pain comes from the idiocy of the NDP!)

“It is moving forward with deep cuts. And you know what? They freak out when we say they’re going to fire teachers and nurses because they don’t want people to know that’s what they’re going to do.” (A tad dramatic, but that’s the NDP for you!)

So why don’t they tell us, in this province liking to say it’s conservative while almost always electing big-spending governments, long before the NDP came to power?

“Because they know they won’t get elected if they do.”

(They’re getting elected no matter what anyone does! NDP got lucky last election. I’m afraid “Lady Luck” has now moved on!)

Hoffman then mentions United Conservative Derek Fildebrandt, who doesn’t mind mixing it up in the political ring.

“Derek Fildebrandt at least is admitting these cuts would hurt, these cuts would mean pain. That’s the truth.”

And lookee here … Fildebrandt.

He says conservatives have to be crystal clear in where they stand, so the NDP can’t claim there is a hidden agenda.

That debate begins now.

Fildebrandt says Jean’s budget plan doesn’t add up and doesn’t get to a balanced budget in three years.

It doesn’t even come close.

“We’re not going to get to a balanced budget with nail clippers. We need shears,” he says.

Then there’s the idea of axing the carbon tax and somehow stopping the federal carbon price being imposed on Alberta by launching a court battle and winning, moves very popular with United Conservatives.

Notley’s No. 2 figures that dog won’t hunt, though it is a simple message.

United Conservatives either don’t understand reality or are “trying to create a false reality for the public, one they know isn’t going to be possible.”

(Hey, you just described the NDP mentality again…..create their own reality…don’t actually acknowledge reality!)

Don’t forget about lowering the corporate tax, another winner in United Conservative circles.

“They want to create tax breaks for the wealthiest in our society. This is their values.” (More hyperbole!)

Speaking of values, Hoffman also says United Conservatives aren’t coming clean on social values, their position on women’s issues or LGBTQ issues. ( Oh, here we go with the “made up” issues again!)

“I know Rachel is very confident in telling Albertans who she is and what her values are. I think we should expect that from anyone who wants to be leader of this province.” (But no one cares except a small minority of “have nots!”)

Hoffman says, by not explaining their position on these social questions, conservatives are giving a wink and a nod to certain people in their party “who may be quite comfortably homophobic or misogynist.” (More “made up issues!”)

The deputy premier also feels the old PC culture of entitlement is far from gone.

Hoffman believes casualties from the defeated Toryland dynasty have been frustrated since the NDP election win and have plotted on how to get back to the good old days.

(Frustrated at their previous leader yes, not the NDP, after all, it wasn’t anything they did or had going for them that got them elected in the first place. No need to be frustrated with the NDP, amused at their delusions and idiocy yes!)

“They’re trying to figure out any way they can to regain power. It doesn’t matter who they need to buddy up with to get into that position.” (The power has always been their’s. Bye bye NDP!)

Now there’s unity and Alberta conservatives feel they have the wind in their sails and the province’s politics can soon go back to normal. (Yes “normal”, meaning no NDP!)

“That is the epitome of entitlement,” says Hoffman, speaking of the United Conservatives and leadership hopefuls Jean and Kenney. (Yes, the favorite NDP word…”entitlement” Something have nots call everyone else!)

“They think all they have to do is hold their noses and dance for a little bit and then it will be back to normal. I don’t think Albertans voted for normal. I think Albertans voted for change.” (Now you’re getting it, yes change, now they’ll vote for “change” again. But a “change” back to “normal!”)

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